How to make a terrarium

You will need:  you will need

  1. A selection of small indoor plants
  2. Ornamental and river stones
  3. Potting mix
  4. A glass container to build your terrarium in
  5. Activated carbon (I got mine from an aquarium)
  6. Moss.


Next you need to build your layers. Arrange the stones on the bottom – these will provide your terrarium with drainage. Add a decent handful of activated carbon on top of these. The carbon prevents the build up of toxins that may harm or kill your plants, as well as deters mould growth. On top of this create a 1-2 inch thick layer of moss – this will also aid in the absorption of water, and on top of this add a 1-2 inch layer of potting mix.

Now you’re ready to add your plants.


I also decided I wanted some animals in my terrariums, so went to a toy store and bought a bag of farm animals. What kind of farm has zebras? And awesome one, that’s what.

I made two terrariums for my room, and made one as a housewarming gift for a friend.

finished terrarium

Sheep and zebras and bears, oh my! Bottom right is my friend’s terrarium living in its new home.



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