BEES – visiting the Arataki Honey Farm

One of the hardest things about no longer living in a big city is losing the ability to go on day trips to new suburbs you’ve never seen before and exploring somewhere completely different when the mood strikes. However, I’ve become determined to make the most of  exploring my surrounds in Hawkes Bay, and to go on day trips around NZ.

Today I decided to go for a morning walk down a new route to break the monotony, and just happened upon a sign that said Arataki Honey farm. Having no idea how far away this mystical honey farm was, I embarked off onto a rural road in search of treasures untold*.


Regrettable, is the phase I went through reading about serial killers, as every car that slowed down past me on my lonesome road I was sure was about to abduct me and harvest my organs. I did run into this wee pukeko though, which lightened the mood.

Pukeko, Hawkes Bay

Hey there little fella. If anything happens to me, go get help!

Luckily, the walk to the Honey Farm was rather short and my visit did not disappoint, potentially because I have the mental maturity of a 12 year old, who I think the target audience is (along with Gentleman Bee Farmer Gob Bluth). There were free honey samples (of which I sampled all), videos about how bees make honey, displays showing the difference between how humans see and bees see, and the best part – LIVE BEES. Safely behind perspex, mind. But still.

bee vision

Bees bees bees bees

At this point I should probably point out it was about 9.10 am that I was visiting the store, which had opened at 9.00 am. After eating all the honey and touching all things, under the watchful eye of the friendly yet suspicious staff, I felt like I should buy something. I bought I few novelty sized honey pots. I plan to have them on a salad for lunch today. YUM.

get in my belly

*Okay, the treasures were told. The treasure was honey.


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